• 3 Wix Features You May Not Know About

    Whether you’re a new Wix user choosing your first template, or a Wix pro who knows the ins and outs of the Wix editor, there may be a few Wix features, you never knew existed.
    We’ve rounded up 5 of them that may help you out some day.

    1. Site History
    Never stop experimenting! All past edits made to your Wix site are saved with the Site History feature. So if you try something crazy and it doesn’t work, easily restore an older version of your site.

    2. Site Transfer
    Designing a Wix site for a client and need to transfer it to their account? Easy! Simply open the website’s dashboard, click the Transfer Site button and enter the emails address of the recipient’s Wix account.

    3. Mobile Sites
    More and more people are browsing online with their mobile device. Wix makes it easy for you optimize your site for those mobile visitors. Simply add the Mobile Action Bar and play with the layout in Mobile View to make sure it looks the way you want.

  • Signing Up For Free

    Wix gives you the opportunity to create your own professional websites with no programming experience! The easy-to-use interface allows you to create and publish great looking sites quickly and easily. Once you sign up for a free Wix account, you can create and publish as many websites as you wish, absolutely free!
  • How to Build a Beautiful Website with Wix

  • Choosing the Best Wix Template

    Whether you’re a photographer, musician, fashion designer or restaurant owner, Wix is bound to have a template you’ll love. With 100s of designs to choose from, the decision making process may seem a little daunting, but Wix can help you with that. Just scroll through the Template Categories and choose the field that fits you best. From there you can find a template that suits your design style and make it your own.

    Here are a few sample templates from 3 completely different job fields:

    Web Design

    Shave Shop

    Family Medicine